Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Er, so, I haven't written in this for a while!

The life of Petra is typically a boring affair, but I have some slightly awesome news: I am a graduate student! Like, officially and stuff. Or I will be in September.

Slightly contingent on the grad student front is moving to Toronto, as that is where the grad school (also known as York University) is located. So I'm mildly terrified! But less mildly excited! Pretty much all my academic geekery friends in Prince George have either graduated or are about to, so I like not being the only one left at the party. If you could call university a party. Which I guess a lot of students do, but then they spend the majority of their time getting drunk/drunk/getting over last night's drunkery. And I left that life of tomfoolery behind me back in my first year, because I get bored with things quickly, and puking? Not so hard to get bored of.

But more on all this graduate student (in English! Focusing on the hybridity in contemporary Canadian literature and cultural production! though not exclusively!) later. For now, the long overdue rantings/ravings of a girl unafraid to call herself 'feminist'.

Except I dislike ranting and raving, as the frothing at the mouth is so unattractive. So I figured I'd start this whole ranting/raving series with a transformative work by awesomesocks Canadian-American Alanis Morisette, who hilariously subverts contemporary representation of the 'sexy' female in music videos here: